Welcoming CTW Events: Driving Impact through Circularity and Collective Action

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We are excited to welcome you to explore CTW Events, our new brand initiative that focuses on mobilizing and empowering volunteers to make a tangible difference in the communities where they live, work, and play.

CTW Events, a distinct and dynamic brand under Clean the World Global, specializes in curating impactful team-building experiences that resonate with purpose and compassion. With our tailored impact events, your team can actively contribute to social causes, foster community engagement, and enhance collaboration.

As a part of Clean the World Global, CTW Events seamlessly aligns with our mission to create a positive and lasting impact on the world. From assembling essential kits for those in need to igniting change in communities, CTW Events offers a unique opportunity to merge team building with purposeful giving. CTW Events is not only driving a force for good but also a part of something bigger, a cog in the wheel of positive change that we call “Circular Impact.”

As we launch CTW Events, we want to honor the principles of circularity. We invite you to explore the seamless harmony between our pillars: Clean the World’s hospitality recycling program, CTW Events impact experiences, and Clean the World Foundation. 

As Clean the World’s first initiative, 14 years ago, the hospitality recycling program embodies circularity in its purest form. Gently used soap and plastic amenities are collected from our hospitality partners, including hotels, air and cruise lines, and vacation rentals, and undergo a life-saving journey to the hands of those in need. The discarded soap is transported to one of our recycling centers, carefully sanitized, and formed into new bars of soap. The plastic from bottled amenities is ground into “flake” that can be repurposed into toothbrushes and even 5-gallon buckets. Clean the World’s global recycling program is a testimony to the power of recycling, repurposing, and responsible consumption- an essential principle of circularity.

CTW Events comes into play as a dynamic force within this circular ecosystem. Through turnkey, seamlessly orchestrated Impact Activities, we harness the power of mobilized volunteers and participants to come together and pack essential items for communities in need. In each act of packing, we cultivate compassion and commitment to the greater good, creating a direct bridge between action and impact.  

The impact of CTW Events does not end when the last box is packed with essential items. Groups have the freedom to determine the destination of these items, thereby closing the loop of impact. These items can be donated directly to local communities, providing a tangible and immediate change that echoes close to home. Alternatively, they can find their way to Clean the World Foundation for distribution to underserved communities around the world or locally to their many Mobile Shower Units across the US.  

We invite you to join us in celebrating this dynamic and interconnected cycle of impact. The CTW Events experience is an invitation to be nestled in the heart of something larger than us- to be a part of a movement that encapsulates the power of unity, compassion, and collective action. Every event, every packed item, and every act of giving holds the potential to set in motion a wave of positive change that reverberates far and wide. 

We welcome you to stay connected with us as we unveil our website and a host of exciting initiatives that are in the works. The journey ahead is bound to be inspiring, empowering, and filled with moments that redefine the impact we can collectively create, and we want you to be there with us every step of the way!  

Connect with us at events@cleantheworld.org and become a part of the Circular Impact today! 

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